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ATV 5 – Building a Response – Be Inspired by an Artist or Designer – pt1

This is one of the times when blogging and the actual working starts to become quite difficult to match. Both the course materials and blogs are best written in a linear fashion but working, especially like a mad scientist just doesn’t work like that.

I am, at the moment trying to load these blogs in the order of the course work headings but I’m sure that throughout the completion of Project 2 – Building a Response I will be jumping back wards and forwards; maybe to Inspiration from Artists/Designers and to adjusting my colour palette, or maybe trying out need designs and concepts. 

In an attempt to make this easier for navigation I will tag posts (below the heading) if I feel that they refer back to earlier tasks to show that they include actions that demononstrate what (I hope) is required. I am also thinking that I should add in links back to my previous work when I openly refer to it. I hope this does not make my posts too confusing and clunky.

Throughout this part of ATV I have been drawn to the work of Dianne Firth and I’ve been happily filling up a Pinterest board with posts of her amazing art quilts. There is very little information about Diane online but I have a Masters: Art Quilters Vol2 book which has a small biography. 

I love the way that her work has a beautiful simple quality that still evokes imagines of deserts and fields, of landscapes seen up close and from far away.

The abstract forms imply so much but you are allowed to use your own memories to decide what the images remind you of.

Sometimes the lines are bold and smooth and sometimes there is a gentle wavy to the edge, but always there is a sense of repetition, of gentle change. And evidence of a controlled approach to placement of shapes.

Even when the lines are broken down there a sense of the mathematic, scientific, no spacing or sizing is left to chance they all flow in a beautiful and perfectly formed way.

The colours are bold and the contrast is strong and exciting. I am in awe of Diane’s ability to make the simple so compelling and full of energy.

There will more on Diane and a couple of other artists that have caught my eye when I get home and have access to my sketchbook again.

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