ATV 5 – Building a Response – Develop Textile Concepts – pt1

Today I am well and truly sick of blogging, I’ve had a lovely week looking after my nieces up in the wilds of Scotland, well Glasgow actually – more sophisticated than wild! And I shall miss them dreadfully once I’m back home but I can’t wait to get back to exploring and experimenting, to the messing with paper and paint. I’m never going to divide the work and the blogging into too such big blocks again …. my nerves just can’t take it!

So this is one quick last blog in this batch, this should get me well in the mood for trying out some more ideas once I’ve touched base back with my kids, dogs and friends!

Working on from the influences of Diane Firth’s wonderful quilts and my project one drawing I have decided to have a play with this simple pastel sketch.

I made a very simple trace of the lines and cut out some nice bold black shapes.

Then I had a play with placement.

I decided I like the movement in this layout best.

And then made it up into a textile concept with some other shapes and some thread.

And me being me, this wasn’t enough so I had some fun manipulating the image with some of my iPhone apps.

Oh yummy yummy! Lots of inspiration here, I did have a little play with these images but I can’t blog those now, there is a hungry 4 year old to fetch and spoil with Haribos.

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  1. Nicola Dawn says:

    I love these Sally, they are really graphic and striking I agree about the sense of movement. Of the ones you manipulated on your phone I like the ones on the left: top is just irrepressibly wiggly and bottom rather more sophisticated.
    I had exactly the same experience balancing bogging in Part 5. I actually did entire assignment first then had a torturous half term sat at my computer blogging, I too vowed: ‘never again……’

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