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ATV – Building a Response – Develop Yarn and Linear Concepts – Pt1

This is going to be difficult to write, somehow during a quick tidy up of my art room I lost all but 3 of these yarn concepts. I’m sure they are there somewhere, probably in that safe place that I put them but then why did I find 3 just lying on the floor? It’s distressing but I’m not going to rip the place apart looking for them yet, I’m going to wait patiently and if they haven’t come back before I need to send everything off for assignment then I’ll have a good search. 

So let’s get back to it. As is my usual habit I threw together a quick mind map to get some ideas for the yarns and what I could do.

I then started to sketch out some ideas for how I could make some yarn that would twist and turn so it could be couched onto fabric in undulating lines. I kept seeing those wooden snakes that you can buy in zoo gift shops. 

I decided to use cocoons to create a tube that could be bent. Very creepily theses cocoons still had their little silkworm inside. More little mites. The resulting thread is cute, albeit a little fiddly but still pliable. I’ve also just found a bag of even more cocoons so I can make more later if I need to.

After this I went onto have a go at making the concertina  yarns.

They really are quite nice and I particularly like the one made with the lash sari silk. They make lovely shadows.

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