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MMT – Pt1 – Pj2 – Ex4 – Cutting Holes – part 2

I keep finding myself going back to this exercise, I don’t think I have explored the action of cutting holes in different surfaces. Even with these next 2 samples I’m still not satisfied that I’ve done enough investigating and experimenting but if I do keep going I’ll never meet my end of June deadline for Assignment 1.

This little sample using magazine pages could work well with transfer printed fabric and I like the way the images are altered and given me life by being moved around. Looking at it makes me feel like I’m looking through a magic window into a world beyond, the unnatural mixture of near and far plays tricks with your eyes; are you looking through binoculars or the eye’s of an alien?

I still have lots of manipulated paper left over from ATV and I often draw on this store to make a quick sample when I feel like I’m loosing my way or I’m being overly distracted by overthinking what I’m doing. 

This little sample is one of these ‘using up old stuff’ samples.  The surface has lots of texture and I like the contrasts between the pale and coloured areas. 

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