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MMT – Pt1 – Pj5 – Ex2 – Stitching

Oh, this has given me a headache; for a while I drifting but I think I might be getting back on track. 

As part of A Textile Vocabulary we had to do some stitching on paper and I’d enjoyed the process of texting design ideas on manipulated paper so when I came to do this exercise I felt very lost without a theme to guide me. 

I spent sometime thinking about whether I should choose a theme and whether I should do this for the rest of MMT.  The only problem is the course material wasn’t written with this in mind and what if in the end it just tied me up in knots. The challenge still was, how could I find a focus for these experiments?

So to loosen up I did a bit of stitching and then took a break to do some drawing with a friend at Attingham Park.

The break was useful and on the drive home I started to think about stitching I’d seen on paper before and what I’d liked or disliked. As soon as I got home I decided to look through some magazines for some inspiration. I’ve not been doing half as much research as I would normally do and I started to wonder if this was why I was starting to drift and lose interest in the exercises.

And with some help from Uppercase and Selvedge magazine and the artists Andrea D’Aquino and Alison Worman I felt some ideas starting to evolve. 

I’ve never been keen on thread stitching on photographs, I have an aversion feeling when I see pieces on Pinterest but I don’t think that’s because I don’t like them but because I’m jealous that I didn’t think of it first and scared that I can’t do something original and different with the technique. 

When I looked at the pile of ‘research’ I could see some links and similarities between what I’d chosen; connections, long threads and mixed mediums (paint, thread, photos). 

This gave me some constraints to work within; long threads and mixed mediums and a mini theme to explore: Connections.

So to grab the moment I made 3 little samples using some old photographs. In the first sample I used thread to replicate the sound and wind that was blowing over and from the speakers towards the flags on the beach at the Looe Music Festival.

I then added some very smelly paint to the next two photos as a different way to express the wind and the sound. And then on the second sample I used thread to highlight the strong stable flag poles to connect the blast of the wind with the strength of the poles.  Finally I went very simple and ‘drew, lines between the speaker and the flapping edges of the flags. 

Simple but pretty effective for me. I’ve always liked these photos and I loved the flags in situ at the festival and I’m happy that I could put my own mark on the images. I think my lines make the photos more dramatic and atmospheric which was just what it was like to be there.

Following on from this I’m going to bring together a less than successful attempt to mould some more fabric, with the more effective photographs of the bundles of solid objects wrapped with material with the 3 elements of long thread, mixed mediums and connections. 

And phew, today for the first time for ages my blogging has caught up with the actual work. This has me on time for getting this part of MMT finished and Assignment 1 sent off for feedback by the end of the month.

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