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MMT – Part 1 – Reflection before Assignment 1 

I have to confess that I have sent Part 1 off to my tutor for feedback so I’m playing a little bit of catch up now with the blog. I never find this review bit easy and I haven’t done myself any favours by doing this after the post has gone ….. too late now if I want to change or add something. 

This has been a really interesting set of exercises and as I worked on my contents sheet I was satisfied that I had covered most of the areas.

 There are a few less appealing areas of course, like embossing for example. And as is always the case, there seems to be so little work for all the time I have spent on it. 

The brief asks me to reflect and review looking at 3 categories :

1. Working Practises

What’s good? I’m inventive, I love to experiment and I never get caught up with the brief (not anymore), I’m willing to take risks and I’m always drawing on things that didn’t go well by updating and bringing them along for the ride to include in later experiments. It’s hard to be inpartial but I do think I have my own visual language, you can tell it’s my work and I can feel this becoming more and more evident as I continue with these studies.

What might cause me problems? I’m messy and I don’t write enough down. 

During this part of MMT I have made a few forays into explaining why I like something and using works to explain how an image ‘speaks’ to me. I know I have a long way to go with this but I’m very keen to keep a good balance between interesting dialogue and droning on. 

I’m also probably not drawing enough, I might be making too many samples and not going through the research, make, review, remake cycle enough. But then that could be me being a little bit too harsh on myself, I have after all worked out of the brief by bringing together what I have learnt from each exercises into a body of work (Assignment 1 Sketchbook)

2. Results from Sample Making

What’s good? Again,  I am creative (all goes towards that 20% of the assessment criteria for creativity) and I’m inventive. My samples are a good mix of simple experiments and pieces that are one step away from being resolved. I’m not sure that my technical skills (40% of the assessment criteria) would totally satisfy an old time City & Guilds assessor but the fact that some of my samples could conceivably be put on display must meant I have some skill (gulp!) 

I have made more effort with my critical thinking this time and I have 2 clear examples:

This blog post: MMT – Pt1 – Pj2 – Ex4 – Cutting Holes

And this sketchbook entry:

What might cause me problems? Do I follow an idea through enough? I think my weaknesses here are with how I express/document my ‘discernment’ and ‘conceptualisation of thought’. This makes up 20% of the marking at assessment for Quality. I will be interested to see what result I get for this with ATV and what Faye makes of what I have done so far.

Another concern is the balance between sketchbook script and blogging, will assessors have the time to read and consider the commentary written in blog form. I’ve set up menus for this part of MMT and I hope this will help point reviewers to exactly which blog post goes with each sample/exercise.

3. Links between research & practical ideas

What’s good? Oh do I love to research, Pinterest is my close companion and I have a passion for magazines.  I think that I present research well in my sketchbook and when I’m on form you can see the links between what I’ve been looking at and how I’ve taken that forward.  

What might cause me problems? During ATV Rebecca was often reminding me that I do lots of research but that there was very little evidence that I considered this research when working to a brief. I’m still finding it difficult to find a way do this simply and easily. I get very fed up with having to add the appropriate referencing and I often don’t do it at all, don’t get me wrong I put in the artists name and a link to their website and I’m really hoping that this is enough.

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