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MMT – Part 2 – Initial Research – Part 1

When I started looking for makers, designers and artists that used joining as a main feature in their work I thought I would have to search very hard, but in reality it was relatively easy to find some amazing and inspirational work.

My Pinterest board OCA – Joining & Wrapping soon started to fill up. I had a look at some of the links in the course materials and then I used the links to look up and investigate more artists.

Firstly I looked at Pippa Andrews, her use of spacers is fascinating and allows her to work with both structured repetitive and formal designs and more organic and chaotic constructions.


I chose these keywords from my notes:


Pippa’s cardboard work lead me onto looking at Ai WeiWei’s amazing installation of joined stools. I just loved the tumbling, otherworldly feel of it along with Peter Le Couteur’s piece Ivory Tower 1 with its use of piano parts and cable ties. How do you decide what should go where? Even more random and remarkable in its making is the design put in L’Eclaireur’s Paris store by Studio Arne Quinze. It’s well worth looking at the Arne Quinze website, his wooden structures are breathtaking, the individual elements, chunks of old wood are not particularly attractive but when placed and joined with such talent and consideration they make visually stunning structures.

I chose these keywords from my notes:

Cable ties – variety – jumbled – confused – piled – tumbling – balanced – repurposed – jagged.

After this assault on the senses by the use of large scale installations I went onto to look at the more delicate work of Julie Dodd. This ladies work blows me away. She translates natural forms using repetition making delicate but also robust structural pieces.  Like Arne she likes to recycle discarded materials, she works mostly in wire and paper but has ventured into fabric.

I particularly like the way that although Julie uses repetition she varies the size and shape of the elements and pieces in her structures.

The blood cells body of work draws my attention because it is such a vast assortment of different objects, there are 3D structures, pictures, pods and installations.

Keywords from my notes:


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