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Less Thinking More Doing 

Before starting this exercise I felt the need to write about recycling and waste. The notes are in my sketchbook and out of them came the idea of man made vs natural.

I am fascinated by how nature is so determined, it takes a lot for us to completely destroy any signs of nature, even when we cover an area with concrete a seed will find its way into a crack or a patch of dust and slowly get on with its job of sprouting. 

This does not allow us to ignore our responsibilities to our planet, it only makes us realise that nature will continue its slow steady work, twisting and changing. It is us that will suffer, we will alter the environment until it is inappropriate for us, we will lose many species of animal and plants that we love and need. 

And should we carry on with no regard to the damage that we are doing nature will evolve to survive in a way that we cannot. 

It’s a battle we cannot win, only consideration, cooperation and collaboration will ensure the continuation of our species. 

Film and photo images of nature returning to places of human abandonment and disaster have always excited me, the latest fashion for post-apocalyptic/distopic stories suits me perfectly!

The first few samples I did for this exercise are based on this theme. I collected some abandoned food packaging (litter) and used natural items to join straight cuts that I’d made to replicate damage caused by decay.

There’s potential here for working in different scales using larger natural or manmade items, then different sizes and maybe even tiny with drug capsules and coffee pods. 

You’d have to be careful or the work would become too obvious or twee but with careful handling it could make a more subtle statement.

At this point I stalled and work ground to a halt. My old demon of procrastination and overthinking came to visit again. I received some complements and good feedback for my ATV submission and it paralysed me.

I’ve also had some excellent feedback and this has swirled up all my thoughts until they have become tangled like a big bundle of Christmas lights. My knitting and crocheting has benefited from this hiatus but my course work hasn’t, leaving me to panic even more about how time is running out. 

This afternoon I tricked myself back into my workroom – ‘just do a bit of tidying up?’ and sat and made a few more samples just for the fun of it.

I was concerned that my joining was making the pieces very fragile so I made some pieces with more strength.

Finally I made a little piece using gentle items to join 2 solid pieces.

4 thoughts on “Less Thinking More Doing 

      1. I didn’t enjoy it until about half way through part three then something clicked! It is well worth persevering for part 4, I am loving printmaking so much! Don’t give up, you are way too talented! Hug x

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