It’s Offically Festival Time. Too Drunk to Draw!!

It’s that time again, we’ve got Nancy packed and we’re chasing round the country following the sunshine, ticking off our favourite bands and generally drinking and eating ourselves stupid. Not good for my figure and definitely not good for my study. 

I really try to do some drawing every day and of course I take loads and loads of photographs. My blog time has been seriously hampered and even using my ipad isn’t helping. So I’ve given myself a good talking to and over the summer expect some serious study blogs (I flipping hope so anyway!) when my partner in crime is away and lots of quick photo orientated blogs as I grab a minute between halves of Korov and bacon sarnies!  

This weekend we were in Perrenporth at tunes in the dunes catching up with Mad Dog McCrae and discovering Reel Big Fish and Dub Pistol. I took the point and shoot camera with me, which has a dreadful autofocus system, that makes taking band photos a nightmare but which is great for abstract, light splash shots.

Next to the stage were the obligatory flags and when the light show was in full swing I got some nice dreamy shots. This one has been edited to bring out the colours.



I then played with some filters to create a more spooky, disturbing feel.

The camera really struggled to focus when the lights were yellow but it actually gave me some good light splash abstracts. 

This next one I can see printed out and used as a base for a doodle or some abstract mark making. When, of course I eventually get home!!


Now for some serious work and then it’s off to the Hay Festival on Friday for some Frank Turner and maybe look at a few books!