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A Textile Vocabulary – Introduction (Assignment 1)

Learning Log – 28 March 2015

So the pressure is on, I’ve done all the admin, registered on everything I should and read and re-read the introduction. Ive got a nice notebook to make all my notes in and I’ve scheduled in my assessment dates. 

Now its time to start the work, I’ve made it my goal not to over think everything I do, reflection and assessment of what I have done is needed, not hours of analysing my choices and deliberating whether I am good enough or not. 

My theme for this assignment is Nature’s Larder. Of the 4 themes on offer this one appealed to me the most, I could quickly imagine the possiblities of fruit and vegtables. Its not the bravest or the most original choice but it was the one that made me happy. I could see racks of vegtables in the Budapest Market, the beautiful embroidery on the Corbet Bed in the Shrewsbury Museum, the intricate patterns of vegtables under a microscope and the shapes of fruits and vegtables in Art Nouveau. 

I was soon thinking about all the places I could visit to gather ideas and objects. I couldn’t help myself but in no time I was in Waitrose grabbing 2 cabbages and some funny sprouty cabbaggie things. Can I stitch into cabbage?? Bet I can! I can do lots of prints and rubbings. As I work I can have fun exploring the shapes and possibilities presented by objects we see and handle everyday, that are hated by many and doted on by others. Vegtables and fruits are found everywhere and vary considerably in colour, size and texture, not forgetting in taste.

And what about all the traditions surrounding vegtables?  Cabbage in Poland, leeks in Wales, chillies in Thailand and the feelings that vegtables create; memories of seaside holidays bought on by the smell of vinegar on chips, excitement as the Christmas dinner brussels sprouts arrive in the supermarkets and what about the humble apple? It was poisoned for sleeping beauty, one a day keeps the doctor away and without Apple I would never have discovered social media and had the confidence to share my art with other people. My Apple devices have introduced me to some great and supportive people and lots of tools for enhancing and developing my work.

To kick off my studies and to lossen up my approach I decided to make some collages with magazine cuttings, vegtables, fruits and food is very visually appealing so is often featured in magazines so I had plenty of material.

The collages developed organically, loosely themed by colour with a little splash of another colour to create some conflict and a focal point. There was so much colour, texture and detail I decided to use colour and shape to give some coherance to the groupings. I really wanted to create a sense of abundance, fullness, joy and variety.

In reflection I could have made less collages and concentrated on the edges and the sequence of the layers so the finished article was more polished. If I hadn’t used all of my A4 paper to make a copy of the course materials I could have printed off and used some of my own photographs but I’ll be doing that when I really get down to the gathering of materials. 

I couldn’t resist the urge to make a few edits of the collages and to create a montage of my favourite. This montage and the shots of my collages have found their way onto my Instagram account and I now have my own tag: #sallytextiledegree. This will make it very easy for me to look back at the photographs that I have shared and used.

That’s me for one day, roll on tomorrow and the start of my scavange hunt for objects that represent Nature’s Larder to me.

I hope you enjoy my blog, do not hestitate to ask me any questions or provide me with some feedback.