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Dovecot Gallery in Edinburgh 

Go! That’s the simplest thing I can say! Go to this gallery if you are in Edinburgh. It has a wonderful cafe, interesting shop, an opportunity to gaze down on a live, working weavers studio space and currently, 2 absolutely amazing exhibitions.

It’s a maker’s heaven, in the cafe you sit surrounded by beautiful woven wall hangings and even my latte came with a little woollen jacket.

It’s a perfect venue for artists and students and in addition you are able to take photographs of the current exhibitions (tag and promote the gallery please) and there is plenty of space to sit, write, sketch and reflect. 


In the first gallery there is currently an exhibition called A Life in Colour by Bernat Klein, a designer maker who sadly passed away in 2014. 

He had an amazing understanding of colour and worked in very modern way using paint and textiles. 

There were examples of his paintings, his weaving and mixed media work along with some interesting information about his work in the fashion industry.

Particularly interesting were the flower pieces that at first looked flat surrounded by the bursting colour of his other work but closer inspection showed them to be skilfully executed paintings of flowers made onto a fabric background of dyed silk. Trust me, the photographs really don’t do these paintings justice.

For a good while I was absorbed taking notes and gazing at the colours and then I looked up and through an archway I saw a stunning egg shaped globe, hanging just off the floor casting shadows. I got goosebumps!

In the next gallery was an exhibition called Aggregations by Korean artist Kwang Young Chun. 

His work is stunning. Each individual segment that makes up each bold piece is delicate in colour and structure. 

You can’t decide whether to get up close and marvel at the skill and patience required to make, dye and bind each triangle or whether to stand back and wonder at how he placed each triangle in exactly the right place to create the craters, the textures and the gentle flows of colour.  

Sometimes the shapes were more formal with some random elements to maintain the levels of energy created by the colour sweeps in the composition.


I particularly liked the way the dish spaced piece created these jagged shadows on the walls.


These pieces made me think of over populated cities, then huge boxes of goods, then piles of rubbish or rubble and from a distance moon scapes and mountain ranges. 

This piece was my favourite, I love the colour palette; the jagged edges and the depth of the colour. It is just simply beautiful.

Really, please go and visit these exhibitions if you can. This museum and gallery is one of those hidden gems you can often find just off the beaten track in many of our cities. 

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Edinburgh and Modern Art

I had a wonderful day yesterday walking round Edinburgh. We went to Deans Village and walked along the Leithway to the Museum of Modern Art. This part of the city is a real hidden gem. 

The museum has a wonderful garden and a small collection of paintings, drawings and sculpture. 

My favourites were Jean Metzinger.

And, Sonia Delaunay

It was a beautiful walk from Deans Village back to the city for a (very) late supper at the Witchery.

Today we’re off to the Dovecot. Then it’s off home for a rest!