ATV – Assignment 2 – Stitched Piece 3

I decided to base this piece on one of the collages I completed when studying the 3 pieces from the textile archive. I had used ripped pieces of a photocopy of a close up of a small darned repair on the smock shirt to make a collage of an image I had done of the…

ATV – Assignment 2 – Stitched Piece 2

What feels ages ago I made the drawings for Picking and Portraying. I had great fun making big bold paintings using Procion Dye and Brusho, I mixed in some gesso and acrylic paint when the fancy took me. Over a couple of weeks the flowers slowly faded, either becoming frail or hard as they decayed….

ATV – Stitched Pieces – pt2

I’m flying very close to my deadline (Monday!) but I’ve finished the first unresolved stitched piece. Once the stitched and painted base had dried I decided to distress the material using the grinding tool to replicate the wear and tear on the original source garments. Ooh, I enjoyed this bit. It was far less messy…

ATV – Stitched Pieces

Just a quick blog, striking whilst the iron is hot. I’ve fiffed and faffed and got caught up with planning.  Life is full of stress at the moment and far too many excuses not to get started. I was feeling slightly numb so I thought; whilst the mind can’t think just go and start. Just…

Stitching on Paper – Samples 2

 It’s been a while since I’ve done a blog, I’ve been having a blog ‘wobble’ and only really admitted it to myself today. I’ve also been away on my travels again and that doesn’t help, but this work was done before my hols and could easily have been blogged about before or during my trip….