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Overlapping Edges

For the first sample I wanted to test some sewing methods of holding overlapping edges together, the results were okay but I did have to resort to brads to keep the joins secure.

The reverse ended up being quite interesting, helped along by the spotty tape.

At this point I started to miss fabric, it was nice to use thread but I really wanted to sample with some fabric. I’d also been missing dyeing so I thought I’d use this exercise to have a play.

I started by making 3 samples using a mixture of white fabrics and natural materials. 

A couple of years ago I went to a talk by Ruth Isset and I was intrigued by her way of working, she often makes her pieces in white and creams using different materials and then added dye so she can enjoy the unpredictable way the colour develops on the different fabric/thread compositions.

I used a number of simple ways to join the materials in an overlap. I used metal and fabric and wooden objects to strengthen the joins and added ruffles for texture.

Once I’d done this I put the samples into metal trays and added a blue procion dye. This worked well on the natural fibres but it didn’t like the synthetic fabrics at all. I would need something else.

Some Brusho and transfer dye worked on the synthetic fibres okay but the yellow was a mistake. It made a yucky brown rather than a nice green. 

I was hoping it would improve once they dried.

The final samples are okay but I’m still finding it very difficult to analyse what I do in an impersonal, considered way, not here on this blog anyway.  I think I’m going to have do practising in my sketchbook.

My tutor has recommended that I do more drawing. So here are a few joins.