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MMT – Surface Distortion – Ex 2 – Rotational Accordian Pleats

Just a quick summary tonight about the first exercise I’ve selected to do for the first assignment from Mixed Media for Textiles.

Folding generally requires precision which is quite a challenge for me, so unfortunately my folds are not perfect, not yet anyway!

I started this exercise by digging out some papers that I liked, looking for a variety of textures. And I started with some trusty khadi paper.

I folded it like a fan, added some stitch and because I love to add colour I dipped it in some watered down Brusho pigment.

For a while I’ve had a notebook with pages for copying, like a receipt pad without the carbon paper and I really fancy folding the 2 sheets together to see how the lines of the folds looked when they were transferred.

The paper was far more pliable and I soon found myself playing with the folds making them even less precise and even.

I worked the 3 pieces together into one sample after randomly dipping and dripping paint onto the papers.

The pva glue I used to stick them down enabled me to manipulate and fix the folds.

This sample is very me, it reminds me of dragon lizards 🦎 and I like the way the added colour highlights the folds. This could easily become very addictive.

I really wanted to make some small folded fans but I didn’t feel that today I had the drive or the patience to make them and I was given the perfect get out by having, on my chaotic worktop some fairy cake cases with beautiful delicate folds. As an added delight I’d got some that had been used as ink and paint pots so we’re already delicately coloured.

Working with inspiration I’m still carrying from ATV I worked some snipped off pieces into a pile with tread.

Then, just because I dipped them in the Brusho paint and after some drying and manipulation I mounted them on a very old piece of paper that I painted way back on my first textile art class on Pointillism.


It was cheating and maybe one day I will actually fold some myself but I’m pleased with the results. There is lots of texture and variation in the colour. The mix of original dried colour and the newly dipped colour adds depth and interest. I even felt inspired to do a little drawing.

One of the things I like to do when working on a series of samples is to have an element of focus that ties the pieces together, such as colour, or materials, or a theme.

With this type of exercise this is difficult as you are an explorer looking for treasure and limiting yourself can hinder you by not letting you travel off map. 

I had originally thought I would tie these samples together by only using pages that are currently in altered books. I liked the idea of using papers that I had painted and distorted as the base to be folded. 

I’m glad I didn’t stick strictly to this plan and experimented with some different papers first but I couldn’t completely let the idea go and did make one sample with a painted page that I further distorted with sandpaper rubbing. And of course I dipped it too.

The end result is not totally satisfying, it started off looking very amateurish. Making me think of the paper lanterns we used to make as kids! It took some manipulating and tweaking to get it into a shape that I like. 

Although I’m not sure about the final shape but I do love the colours and the way the paint has worked with the original gesso and the sanding and pricking that I added today.