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MMT – Pt1 – Pj5 – Ex1 – Punching

Here’s another technique that I’ve only dipped into. 

I’ve played with some simple little punches. This are nice and gentle and I particularly like the little triangle stab holes I’ve made with a craft knife blade. I can see me using this to add some delicate texture in large expanses of colour in a collage composition. 

I then went on to experiment with highlighting areas with different sized pin and knife marks. I like the way you get different effects from punching from the front or the back of the paper. This now looks like a satellite photo of a grassy area. 

After doing the section of creating flaps and layering holes I though I might experiment with making a hole big enough to see a picture through the punched marks. I’m not happy with the ragged edges of the holes and I don’t think it’s a very good way to work with layering.

For my last quick experiment with punching before I moved on I thought I might try pushing some of the background through as I punched the hole. It hadn’t worked very well with the more detailed/interesting element underneath the punched hole maybe it would work better the other way round.

It was fiddly and you need lots more fabric or silk paper that you think you’ll need. I also cheated a little by using a fibrous paper that I could force the fabric through easily.

This is the exploration that I would put more time into and take forward.