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MMT – Pt5 – Final Piece – Mentor Session

‘For good ideas and true innovation you need human interaction, conflict, action, debate” Margaret Hefferman.

A very good friend came round today to help me review all of the work I’ve done so far for MMT and to mentor me as I develop my design ideas.

The first parameter that we set was ‘sifting and syphoning’. My thought processes must work like a funnel. I must focus, focus, focus! Almost like a family tree in reverse.

As I talked about my ideas Anne pointed me towards the work of Andy Goldsworthy and I will be researching him in more detail. At this point not looking at anyone else – focus!

Then we looked at my work and identified the samples I’d worked on during MMT that had really resonated with me. The ones that absorbed me, that made me lose time and spoke to my soul.  And these techniques I will concentrate on, no deviation – focus!

We looked at the photographs I’d taken in Attingham Park and discussed how I could marry the most interesting settings with the selected techniques.

Finally we talked about how I can draw these 2 things together and work the ideas up into a considered and cohesive series/body of work.

Following this discussion, many thanks to Anne, I wrote these notes.


Narrative – Eco vs Ego, how humans effect the landscape, this planet will subsume the plastics but is the damage done along the way justified? Trauma? Even manmade comes originally from the earth.

Influences – Andrew Goldsworthy, look at how he works in the environment and his views on decay and change, and natural and manmade.

Visual Images – Contrasts, green & brown muted colours. I will develop this with my own ‘natural’ elements and then incorporate bright synthetics like balloons, takeaway cartons and bold fabrics.

Select – 5 visual locations/5 techniques, each different but selected from the broad reach of the body of work produced from the MMT exercises. These need to reflect the theme and relate to the landscape in some way – Focus!