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Making Marks – Lines & Edges – Collage & Creases – Detail & Definition

The alterered sketchbook is working very well for this next stage in Project 2 – Recording and Capturing. The pages are filling up with my adventures into making marks and recording the qualities of the 3 textile pieces.

I became a little worried that I maybe concentrating on the details too much and not gathering a sufficently varied picture of the pieces so I went back to the course materials and reviewed the first exercise on mark making. Making some notes on materials and mediums.


One of my favourite books on design for textiles is by Helen Parrott and is helpfully titled Mark-making in Textile Art. Helen has written this book with clear, practical instructions and excellent photographs. It’s very easy to follow and I have used her guidance often before. 


It therefore seemed obvious to use Helen’s guidance to gather some notes on the 3 textile pieces, to help me ensure I covered all the aspects of the garments that I wanted to include, to build up a treasury of shapes, motifs and patterns to consider later for design work.




Now the workroom is tidy and I can get to all of my supplies and now that I have some more comprehensive notes I can really get down to completing the required number of drawings and collages. But, first Art in Action. Does that really count as procrastination?!!  


Clearing some space.

Its been very quiet on the degree work front the last couple of weeks. I was throughly enjoying doing the small drawings in the altered sketchbook but finding it very difficult only having a sette nest and a very messy workroom to work in. In truth it was driving me barmy!

I really couldn’t bear it any longer so the big tidy up began!! I think I’ve clearered out Argos of plastic drawers and for a while both this room and my bedroom were in complete turmoil. But now, after a week of sorting, throwing out and gathering bags of stuff for the charity shop I am done!


It is wonderful to have this lovely bright room to work in, I’ve no idea how long it will stay this way but I’m going to give it my absolute best.